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Unlimited possibilities

Quick start-up and shut-down allow NEL A electrolysers to produce H2 on-demand. The production is automatically controlled and offers a wide operational range from 20 to 100 % of the installed capacity. This high flexibility ensures an ideal balance between hydrogen demand and production. For installations optimised for solar/wind, power-to-power, the operational range typically span from 0% to 100%. All our three models are designed for future capacity expansions.

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Reliable, cost efficient H2 supply

Gain independence with our on-site electrolyser plant. You are in control of your own supply of hydrogen. The most proven and robust electrolyser technology available ensure reliable and continuous production at all times. We provide sustained automatic production for years, with no need for maintenance shutdown (cell stack replacement to be expected after typically 8-10 years of operation). Our advanced PLC control system provides smooth, unattended and automatic operation of the plant. Adding high efficiency and little maintenance with insignificant labour needs, Nel A-range truly offers the lowest operational costs available.

From containers to mega plants

The cost efficiency, reliability and flexibility of our technology are well established through nearly 1000 installations, in more than 50 countries across the world. We construct hydrogen plants of all sizes and configurations – from containers to mega plants. Largest installation to date: 135 MW, with a production capacity of 30 000 Nm3 H2 per hour. In fact, we can build as large as you wish.

Capturing excess renewable energy

Our hydrogen technology is the solution for intermediate storage of surplus energy from solar and wind power, to ensure stable delivery of electricity at demand. This way we increase and secure the value of your electrons. 24/7 hydrogen storage is possible, when flexing between solar/wind and grid. You may sell excess solar/wind energy to grid, depending on your local infrastructure. Renewable hydrogen plants can also be installed fully or partly off grid.


Full flex

24/7 production flexes between solar/wind and grid, possible to sell excess solar/wind to grid.



24/7 production flexes between solar/wind and grid.


Partly off grid

Production directly connected to solar/wind, auxiliary system powered by the grid.


Full off grid

Entire system off grid.



Capacity / Nominal Flow RateA-150A-300A-485
Capacity range per unit50 – 150 Nm3 H2/hr151 – 300 Nm3 H2/hr301 – 485 Nm3 H2/hr
Production capacity dynamic range20 – 100% of nominal flow rate20 – 100% of nominal flow rate20 – 100% of nominal flow rate
DC power consumption3.8 – 4.4 kWh/Nm3 H23.8 – 4.4 kWh/Nm3 H23.8 – 4.4 kWh/Nm3 H2
H2 purity99.9% ± 0.199.9% ± 0.199.9% ± 0.1
O2 purity99.5% ± 0.299.5% ± 0.299.5% ± 0.2
H2 outlet pressure after electrolyser200 – 400 mm WG200 – 400 mm WG200 – 400 mm WG
H2 outlet pressure after compressorMax 250 barMax 250 barMax 250 bar
Operating temperature80 °C80 °C80 °C
Electrolyte25% KOH aqueous solution25% KOH aqueous solution25% KOH aqueous solution
Feed water consumption0.9 litre / Nm3 H20.9 litre / Nm3 H20.9 litre / Nm3 H2


The re-designed robust, containerised electrolyser solution. Offering the world’s smallest footprint for high capacity electrolyser plants at 200 and 30 bar.

Key features

  • Turnkey solution. Easy to install and to move.
  • Low-cost, minimum of site preparation
  • Large capacities, small footprint
  • Unattended, effortless to operate
  • 200 and 30 bar output pressure, wrapped in a simple design.

In development

The upcoming Nel Rotolyzer will make the world go round.
You just wait and see!

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Starting up with hydrogen?

Nel builds each hydrogen plant on customer requirements, delivering complete turnkey solutions or  selected components only. We may also assist with operations, maintenance, ownership and financing. Please get in touch, to discuss your plans and ideas with us.


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