In 2011 we began the construction of a network of H2Station® for the entire country of Denmark. Today a total of nine H2Station® are in operation, providing fuel on a daily basis to the growing fleet of fuel cell electric vehicles.

Additional H2Station® are planned during 2016 which will ensure that 50% of Danish population will have less than 15 kilometers to hydrogen fueling. Already today hydrogen available is in all of the major cities across the country, making it the first countrywide hydrogen station network in the world.


Joint venture with leading energy, gas & oil companies

The Danish H2Station® network is established and operated in collaboration with leading energy, gas & oil companies. Through joint-venture investments in the dedicated infrastructure companies: Copenhagen Hydrogen Network A/S, Air Liquide, Danish Hydrogen Fuel A/S, OK, Strandmøllen and Vestforsyning, we have successively rolled out the network.

«The average availability for the network is more than 98%
– one of the highest reported in the world»

100% renewable hydrogen supply from electrolysis – world’s highest

Hydrogen production for the Danish network is based on electrolysis and electricity procured with CO2 certificates. This ensures a 100% sustainable and zero emission hydrogen supply – the highest share in the world for an entire station network.

Some of the stations features onsite electrolysis production whilst other stations are supplied from a central large-scale electrolyser plant supplied by Nel.


More than 98% availability 24/7 – world’s highest

Nel handles daily operation and maintenance of the entire network. The average availability for the network is more than 98% – one of the highest reported in the world. This is achieved by a dedicated H2Station® service team monitoring the daily operation and responds instantly to any down-time events.

Youtube: How we built a hydrogen refuelling station in 48 hours

Are you next?

Nel has delivered more than twenty-five H2Station® fueling solutions in seven countries across Europe, which are used on a daily basis for fueling of fuel cell electric vehicles from the major international car manufacturers.


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