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Compression and fast fueling of hydrogen

H2Station™ is an all-integrated module that includes all equipment required for hydrogen fueling being compression capacity, cooling and the required control system. Add a Supply method of your preference and a Fueling Storage and Dispenser to meet your requirements and you are ready to fuel your first vehicle. This modular design enables flexible scaling of capacities to meet increasing demand with up to 500 kgH2/day for cars and 1500 kgH2/day for busses and trucks.

The H2Station™ uses Nel’s own in-house compressor technology developed specially for hydrogen fuelings providing a high capacity and operational dynamic that ensures an effective and contamination free compression to meet both 35 and 70 MPa fuelings.

Learn more about the H2Station™ below.

Key features


If you want to learn more about technical specifications of the total system, download our H2Station Datasheet here:

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