Hydrogen Dispenser

Compact hydrogen dispenser for H2Station™

Nel’s hydrogen refueling dispensers offers the markets most compact footprint and a simple user-friendly and safe design gives the users a good experience. The dispenser is designed solely for use with hydrogen and includes a very high accuracy of dispensed mass measurement. Dispensers are available for fueling of both 35 and 70 MPa vehicles using infrared communication to secure a fast and safe fueling of the vehicle. The dispenser can be integrated with different payment systems using the International Forecourt Standard Forum (IFSF).

They are easy to install with no requirement for underground temperature conditioning equipment and can be placed next to gasoline and diesel dispensers, sharing fueling lanes.

Learn more about the Dispensers below.

Key features


If you want to learn more about technical specifications of the total system, download our H2Station Datasheet here:

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