Kathy Ayers contributes to new book about hydrogen production

Published: 18th November 2021

Kathy Ayers, Nel’s Vice President of Research and Development, has contributed to Tom Smolinka and Jurgen Garche’s latest book about hydrogen production through water electrolysis.

The full name of the book is Electrochemical Power Sources: Fundamentals, Systems, and Applications: Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis. The book offers a comprehensive overview about different hydrogen production technologies, including their technical features, development stage, recent advances, and technical and economic issues of system integration. 

About Kathy

Kathy has been working at our Wallingford facility with a primary focus on PEM electrolysis technology for 14 years, having started in Proton Energy Systems before they were acquired by and became a part of Nel. Kathy’s training is as an electrochemist, with several years behind her in the battery industry.

“My background is in the battery industry, but I wanted to work with something more tied to renewable energy. I actually didn’t have any hands-on experience with hydrogen or electrolysis previously, other than attending talks on fuel cells,” she explains.

Kathy's contribution

Kathy felt that the skillsets that she had acquired, as well as her critical thinking and problem-solving skills, could be an excellent fit with Nel.

“The book is meant to capture different aspects of electrolysis in one place – from principles and fundamentals to different commercial technologies, and to potential emerging technologies.”

Her contribution was primarily on the PEM chapter with focus on reviewing the materials discussions for consistency based on her knowledge of the field, as well as adding perspective at the systems level. 

“It was very much a team effort, with each author contributing sections to the chapter and then reviewing and editing each other’s work,” she concludes.

Where to read the book

If you’re interested in reading or buying the book, you can do so by following this link:

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