Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe. Counting the atoms, probably over 75% of all visible mass is hydrogen.

The fundamental challenge with renewable energy, is that it follows its own cycles and logic, independent of when we wish to use it.

So we need a way to store the excess energy …

Thanks for the ride, dinosaurs!
We’ll take it from here.

What we experience as sun rays on Earth is the direct result of hydrogen atoms fusioning together to form helium.

Hydrogen is truly the fuel of the Universe.

The global society as we know it, is built on our ability to control energy. Currently, we are faced with the side effects of utilizing fossil energy – climate change and pollution.

The obvious solution to these problems is exchanging fossil with new renewable energies, like solar, wind and wave power.

At this point in time, it is also finally becoming affordable to harness these renewable energies on a large scale.

However, in solving the environmental issues from fossil fuels with renewables, a new challenge arises.

For large scale storage of renewable energy, hydrogen is by far the most suitable alternative – literally increasing the lifespan of electricity from zero to infinity.

Hydrogen is the element with highest gravimetric energy density. Three times higher than gasoline. 150 times higher than a lithium-ion battery.

Hydrogen is also an integral part of the natural water cycle

Renewable electricity and water transformed into hydrogen and oxygen becomes pure water and electricity again when used in a fuel cell.

This means that energy companies can safely continue to build renewable energy plants to deliver the electricity the world demands, while simultaneously producing a zero-emission fuel which offers the same range and convenience offered by fossil fuels today.

For more than a century we have exploited solar energy, stored as hydrocarbons over millions of years, causing critical levels of CO2 in the atmosphere today.

From now on however, we will produce unlimited amounts of renewable, clean energy, everywhere – for all purposes, for all eternity.

¾ of the Sun is made from hydrogen.
Globe Globe Fossil fuel Renewable energy
CO2 concentration (ppm)
Renewable energy
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