Sustainability at Nel

In Nel, sustainability has always been an integral part of our identity, and our vision to empower generations with clean energy forever remains our guiding light in everything we do. At Nel, decision-making policies have always incorporated elements of sustainability and, as such, it’s well-ingrained throughout the organization.

Taking actions towards a sustainable future is not just necessary, it’s essential. That’s why we in Nel are fully endorsing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and making a point of displaying the actions we are taking to meet them. We aim for active and meaningful reporting on our progress towards the following four goals where we feel we will have the greatest impact:

EU Taxonomy

An initial assessment of the EU Taxonomy indicates we are well-positioned for achieving compliance with its regulations. Manufacturing of electrolysers and fueling stations has been classified as “substantially contributing to climate change mitigation” and is therefore classified similarly to renewable energy. A positive outlook is important for future initiatives in sustainable activities. The requirements of the taxonomy state that a sustainable activity shall:


Throughout 2020, an extensive materiality analysis was undertaken in collaboration with key stakeholders. Its outcome, combined with strong support on all levels of the organization, has built a solid foundation for sustainability in Nel moving forward. Our materiality matrix was identified to be:

We will continue to assess, develop, and report on our activities around sustainability in Nel. Please keep an eye on this section of our website for more information and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything you’re wondering about.

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