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Leading the way to a greener future

Here at Nel, we know that our most valuable asset is our employees. Together, we are pioneering the way to a greener future.

We are more than just thinkers and dreamers, we are doers. Our mission is to unlock the potential of renewables and enable global decarbonization.

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Kristina Bengtsson

Engineering Manager

“After 10 years as Lead Engineer in Subsea Oil and Gas it was time for new challenges! The shift from Oil & Gas to a more sustainable energy resource, the choice of Nel was obvious.”
Kristina is working for Nel as an Engineering manager for Alkaline Electrolyser. Earlier, Kristina has worked in many different businesses as a Mechanical Design Engineer, among them are TV and Radio broadcasting products, gas turbines, HAVC on marine vessels and recently as Lead Engineer on Control Systems for Subsea Oil and Gas. Kristina has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Lund in Sweden. One of Kristina’s interests is hiking with family and friends.

Kaiqi Xu

Technologist Electrochemistry

“We know for a fact that the climate is changing. My motivation working for Nel is to contribute with developing hydrogen technology so that future generations will be able to live in a world without extreme weather conditions and constant fear.”
Kaiqi is a top prize winning scientist working with hydrogen technology in Nel. He holds a Master’s degree and a PHD in Chemistry from the University of Oslo in the Electrochemistry Group. Kaiqi is fascinated by anything to do with green hydrogen and renewable energy, partly because he has seen his homeland China suffer as a result of climate change.

Wilhelm Flinder

Head of Investor Relations

“I wanted to work in an industry that makes a difference regarding the challenges the world is facing today. To work for Nel is something I am proud of. Green hydrogen is here to stay, and will become a important part of tomorrows energy mix.”
Wilhelm graduated from BI Norwegian Business School with an MSc in Business. After graduating, Wilhelm worked several years as an equity analyst within shipping and later became a Investor Relations and Business Analyst Manager at a publicly listed oil shipping company before joining Nel. Besides work, Wilhelm’s interests are sailing and spending time with his family and friends.

Karina Pak

Strategic Product Manager

“I find it exciting to work for a company that is focusing on building a better and greener world. I truly believe that hydrogen is a solution to decarbonize both heavy industries and transportation and it’s fascinating to be at the origins of industry’s rise.”
Karina has a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing Management. In 2020, Karina joined Nel as an intern in Business Development and Marketing Communications. Karina believes that joining Nel provided her with the perfect opportunity to combine both the accumulated and theoretical knowledge she gained during her earlier work experiences and studies. In September 2021 after officially graduating, Karina joined Nel full-time as a Strategic Product Manager in Nel’s Fueling Division.

Martin Hillestad

Sustainable finance intern

“Getting the opportunity being an intern at Nel is very exciting and motivating. Nel plays a key role in the green transition, and suits my studies very well. Being encouraged to bring new ideas to the table and immediately being included as if I were an employee, has been very exciting.”
Martin is an intern, currently on his final year of his master’s degree in Business with a major in Sustainable Finance. He has been doing his internship in Group Accountancy in Finance, mainly within ESG.

Steve Szymanski

VP Sales & Marketing - Americas

“I love the excitement of being part of a company that is making a positive difference in the world. The application of our technology to enable the clean energy transition will provide benefits to our planet for generations to come. I like to think that my small contribution to Nel’s success is something I will always look back at and be proud of.”
Steve has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, as well as a Master’s Degree in Operations Management. After starting his professional career within the Engineering field, he later transitioned to professional sales. Steve started working for Nel in 2001, and has had a number of positions. Today Steve is Vice President for the Sales and Marketing department in the US.