At Nel, our vision is all about ‘Empowering generations with clean energy forever’. Our technology allows people and businesses to make everyday use of hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe.


We unlock the potential of renewables and enable global decarbonization.


We believe simplicity is key. This can be a real challenge when dealing with complex technologies, but we believe being a customer of Nel should be simple, with a complete solution that meets your requirements. We value technology that is easy to operate, has a long lifetime, low cost of ownership, and is hassle-free for the end user. Simplicity is the guiding star in our business and values:


We put our hearts into what we do and are uncompromising when it comes to safety and product excellence.


We do what we say and are open about what we do.


We lead the way in our industry, accelerating the energy transition; turning what used to be impossible into reality.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is based on principles of business ethics which are fundamental to Nel. The Code of Conduct includes mandatory requirements for everyone who works in Nel or acts on behalf of Nel.

Compliance with applicable national and international laws and regulation is mandatory for all our activities. Further, we must ensure that we conduct our business with the highest integrity, respecting the cultures, dignity, and rights of individuals in all the regions where we operate.

The Code of Conduct is our guide to ethical business practice. It reflects Nel’s values and our belief that conducting business in an ethical and transparent manner is not just the right way to work, but the only way to conduct our business.

If anything is unclear or you have any questions about the Code of Conduct, you should seek guidance from your manager or other internal resources. I further strongly encourage all employees and stakeholders to ask questions if you observe any suspicious behavior and/or possible violations of the Code of Conduct.

Any report of concern can be done through one of our reporting channels.

- Jon André Løkke, CEO

Our business

Nel is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. We serve industries, energy and gas companies with leading hydrogen technology. Our roots date back to 1927, and since then, we have had a proud history of  development and continuous improvement of hydrogen technologies. Today, our hydrogen solutions cover the entire value chain from hydrogen production technologies to  hydrogen fueling stations, enabling industries to transition to green hydrogen, and providing all fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast fueling and long range as fossil-fueled vehicles – without the emissions.


Why we believe renewable hydrogen will be number 1 in the future:

  • The world needs a new energy carrier to replace oil and gas
  • Hydrogen is the element with the highest energy density
  • Through electrolysis hydrogen can be produced from water and renewable energy
  • Access to renewable energy is practically infinite
  • The electric grids do not have the capacity to handle the entire future energy demand alone
  • The demand for stable energy supply diverge from the fluctuating nature of renewable energy production in general
  • Large scale introduction of renewable energy is dependent on energy storage solutions


The first small electrolyser installation at Norsk Hydro, Notodden, Norway. Testing for pure hydrogen to fertilizer production.

The largest installation in the world of water electrolysers at Rjukan, Norway, with a total hydrogen production capacity exceeding 30.000 Nm3/hour, from hydropower.

Starts up a second large scale hydropowered electrolyser plant for supplying hydrogen to ammonia production, in Glomfjord, Norway.

Complete redesign of the electrolyser unit, forming the basis for today’s atmospheric electrolyser from Nel.

Our renowned electrolyser technology made available for other companies and other industries.

The world’s first electrolyser supplier to provide non-asbestos alkali electrolysers.

Our first pressurised electrolyser introduced to the market.

Nel opens the world’s first publicly available hydrogen fueling station in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Nel becomes the first 100% dedicated hydrogen company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Nel acquires H2 Logic, adding world leading hydrogen fueling technology to the product portfolio.

Nel acquires Proton OnSite, adding world leading PEM electrolysis technology to product portfolio, becoming the world’s largest electrolyser company.

Nel completes construction of the world’s largest manufacturing plant for hydrogen fueling stations, with a capacity of 300 units per year.

Nel announces construction plans for the world’s largest electrolyser manufacturing plant to accommodate multi-billion NOK orders.

Nel opens first H2Station™ in Korea.

Nel group management

Board members

Company structure

Did you know?

Hydrogen is amazing

  • You can drive up to 130 km with one kg of hydrogen
  • One kg of hydrogen replaces 10 liters of diesel/petrol
  • Hydrogen cars emit nothing but pure water

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