At Nel, our vision is all about ‘Empowering generations with clean energy forever’. Our technology allows people and businesses to make everyday use of hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe.



We deliver optimal solutions to produce, store, and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy.



We believe simplicity is key. This can be a real challenge when dealing with complex technologies, but we believe being a customer of Nel should be simple, with a solution that can be turn-key and meets your requirements. We value technology that is easy to operate, has a long lifetime, low cost of ownership, and is hassle-free for the end user. Simplicity is the guiding star in our business and values:


We put our hearts into what we do. When we set our minds to something, we go all in.


Product excellence

Our products manifest all our know-how and effort. Ultimately, it is through our products that we excel, turning what used to be impossible into reality.



We are accountable, keeping our promises. We do what we say and are open about what we do.


Our business

Nel is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. We serve industries, energy and gas companies with leading hydrogen technology. Since its foundation in 1927, Nel has a proud history of development and continual improvement of hydrogen plants. Our hydrogen solutions cover the entire value chain from hydrogen production technologies to manufacturing of hydrogen fueling stations, providing all fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast fueling and long range as conventional vehicles today.


Why we believe renewable hydrogen will be number 1 in the future:

  • The world needs a new energy carrier to replace oil and gas
  • Hydrogen is the element with the highest energy density
  • Through electrolysis hydrogen can be produced from water and renewable energy
  • Access to renewable energy is practically infinite
  • The electric grids do not have the capacity to handle the entire future energy demand alone
  • The demand for stable energy supply diverge from the fluctuating nature of renewable energy production in general
  • Large scale introduction of renewable energy is dependent on energy storage solutions



The first small electrolyser installation at Norsk Hydro, Notodden, Norway. Testing for pure hydrogen to fertilizer production


The largest installation in the world of water electrolysers at Rjukan, Norway, with a total hydrogen production capacity exceeding 30.000 Nm3/hour, from hydropower


Starts up a second large scale hydropowered electrolyser plant for supplying hydrogen to ammonia production, in Glomfjord, Norway


Complete redesign of the electrolyser unit, forming the basis for today’s atmospheric electrolyser from Nel


Our renowned electrolyser technology made available for other companies and other industries


The world’s first electrolyser supplier to provide non-asbestos alkali electrolysers


Our first pressurised electrolyser introduced to the market


Nel opens the world’s first publicly available hydrogen fueling station in Reykjavik, Iceland


Nel becomes the first 100% dedicated hydrogen company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange


Nel acquires H2 Logic, adding world leading hydrogen fueling technology to the product portfolio


Initiates construction of the world’s largest manufacturing plant for hydrogen fueling stations, with a capacity of 300 units per year


Nel acquires Proton OnSite, adding world leading PEM electrolysis technology to product portfolio, becoming the world’s largest electrolyser company

Nel group management

Jon André Løkke

Jon André Løkke was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NEL ASA effective 4 January 2016. Mr. Løkke comes from the position as CEO of Norsk Titanium AS, developing and industrializing 3D printing technology for the production of titanium components for the aerospace and other industries. He has ten years’ experience from the REC Group, including positions as senior vice president in REC Wafer, investor relations officer in REC ASA and CFO in REC ASA. Mr Løkke has also worked for the ABB Group and holds an International MBA degree from Glasgow University and a Bachelor degree in business and economics from Southampton University.

Anders Søreng

Anders Søreng joined NEL from May 2016. He has previously served as Senior Vice President in REC Solar, where he held various management positions since 2008. He has recently worked as SVP & CTO of Norsk Titanium and holds a PhD from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Bent Skisaker

Bent Skisaker was appointed CFO effective 1 September 2016. Skisaker comes from a position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Eureka Pumps and has more than ten years experience as CFO in various companies in the Aker Group. Bent has also served eight years as an auditor and financial advisor at Ernst & Young/Arthur Andersen. Skisaker holds a Master in Accounting and Auditing from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), a B.A. of Business Organisation from Heriot-Watt University, and is qualified as a State Authorised Public Accountant in Norway

Bjørn Simonsen

Bjørn Simonsen joined Nel ASA in 2014. He has experience from the hydrogen sector since 2008, and began as a research engineer at Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), followed by key positions including heading up the HyNor-project, The Norwegian Hydrogen Council, and Norwegian Hydrogen Association. He holds a MSc in Energy and Environmental Science and Process Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NTNU).

David T. Bow

David Bow was appointed SVP Sales and marketing and joined Nel ASA in August 2017. Prior to Nel he worked at Proton OnSite from 2014, where he held the title Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He held the position as Senior Vice President of Global Commercial Development in Cosa+Xenatu Corporation.

Mr.Bow holds an Executive Finance-Executive Master of Business Administration program form Kellogg
School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago.

Jørn Rosenlund

Jørn Rosenlund was appointed Manager of NEL Hydrogen Fueling as of June 2016. Previously he held the a position as COO in H2 Logic. He has a background of 15 years in senior management positions on operations and supply chain management in EagleBurgmann (2013-2015) and Danfoss (2000-2013) with several years working in Denmark USA, Canada and Germany.

Raluca Leordeanu

Raluca Leordeanu joined NEL ASA as Head of Business Development effective August 2018. She previously held various leadership positions, including VP Corporate Strategy and Planning at Norsk Titanium AS, a startup in Titanium 3D printing for Aerospace. She has an international experience from McKinsey&Co, where she worked mainly on Renewables and Strategy advising companies on four continents. Mrs Leordeanu holds a Master of European Business Law from Lund University.



Hans H. Hide

Hans H.Hide joined Nel in March 2019. Mr. Hide has since 2012 held management positions in some of Kvaerner's largest projects within the oil and gas sector. He has previously served as Project Portfolio Manager ALSTOM, and as Vice president Projects in REC, where he also held several management positions in the projects covering REC's expansion program within Solar and Silicon.

Stein Ove Erdal

Stein Ove Erdal joined Nel ASA as Vice President Legal and General Counsel in May 2019. Erdal comes from a position as an Associate General Counsel in Nexans Norway AS where he worked for nine years with complex offshore EPCI and EPC projects. He also has experience from working as a lawyer in the oil and gas division of Arntzen de Besche, as a deputy judge and as a defence counsel. Erdal holds a Cand. Jur. (Qualifying law degree) from the University of Oslo

Board members

Ole Enger

Mr. Enger (born 1948) has worked as CEO in Nordsilmel, Elkem, SAPA, REC, REC Solar and he has been in the executive management of Norsk Hydro and Orkla. Ole Enger has an educational background from Norwegian University for Environment and Life Sciences, NHH and IMDE Business School. He has board experience as both chairman and board member of a number of private and listed companies. Mr. Enger is a Norwegian citizen and lives in Oslo.

Hanne Holen

Ms. Skaarberg Holen (born 1964) is a partner at law firm Thommessen in Oslo, working with tax law, company Law, professional liability and related litigation. She has a background as partner/lawyer at PricewaterhouseCoopers and as audit manager at Price Waterhouse. Hanne Skaarberg Holen has a law-degree from UiO and a business management degree from HEC- University de Lausanne. She has management experience and board experience from both listed and private companies. Ms. Skaarberg Holen is a Norwegian citizen and lives in Oslo.


Finn Jebsen

Mr. Jebsen (born 1950) has worked for Mars Inc. in the US and Norway and later for 25 years at Orkla ASA, where he held positions as Business Development Manager, CFO, EVP of Financial Investment division, EVP of branded consumer goods division, and CEO. From 2005 he has been working as a professional board member and chairman of several private and listed companies. Mr. Jebsen holds a Master’s Degree in Business from NHH and a MBA from UCLA. Mr. Jebsen is a Norwegian citizen and lives in Oslo.

Beatriz Malo De Molina

Ms. Malo de Molina (born 1972) has worked as Senior Vice President and Head of M&A at Orkla ASA and has previously held positions at Kistefos Private Equity and McKinsey & Co in Oslo, Goldman, Sachs & Co in London, Frankfurt, New York City and Mexico City and Ernst & Young’s financial advisory department in New York City. She graduated from Georgetown University in Washington D.C, attended the Haupt- und Wirtschaftsuniversität in Vienna, Austria and holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from UiO in Oslo. Ms Malo de Molina has board experience from listed and private companies both in Norway and internationally, including chairmanship positions. Ms. Malo de Molina is a Spanish Citizen and is now a Permanent Resident of Norway.

Mogens Filtenborg

Mr. Filtenborg (born 1957) is the owner and director of the Investment and consultancy company Zuns ApS. Mr. Filtenborg has worked for Vestas Wind Systems A/S as Executive Vice President, member of management board and director of operations/ CTO. Further Mr. Filtenborg has worked for SKOV A/S as CEO. He serves as chairman and director of several private and listed companies. Mr. Filtenborg is educated at the University of Aalborg, Denmark as an engineer. He is a Danish citizen and resides in Sunds, Denmark.

Hanne Blume

Ms. Blume (born 1968) is the CHRO in TDC NetCo and has previously held the position as CHRO in Ørsted and DONG Energy, vice president in QHSE and different management positions in the energy sector. Ms. Blume holds a master’s degree in Business administration and commercial law from Aarhus School of Business and Oregon State University. She has management and board experience from both listed and private companies. Ms. Blume is a Danish citizen and resides in Juelsminde in Denmark.

Company structure

Did you know?

Hydrogen is amazing

  • You can drive up to 130 km with one kg of hydrogen
  • One kg of hydrogen replaces 10 liters of diesel/petrol
  • Hydrogen cars emit nothing but pure water