Water electrolysers / hydrogen generators

With more than 3,500 reliable, cost efficient electrolysers installed around the globe, Nel Hydrogen is the recognized industry leader of Alkaline and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolysis.

Since our founding in 1927, sustained R&D efforts have contributed to continual improvement of electrolyser technology, setting the benchmark in the market. Our electrolysis technology is today widely respected for its robustness, reliability and energy efficiency.

Our water electrolysers make a superior choice for Industry, Transport and Power-to-X applications. Multiple, scalable, flexible, modular product ranges are set to meet any customer requirements.

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M Series Containerized

In situations where plant space is at a premium, customers may want to site their electrolysers outside. At other times customers may want to configure an electrolyser for a more turnkey operation. MC electrolysers deliver the M Series platform in a containerized form for easy outdoor installations. Typical applications include renewable energy storage, industrial process gas, and hydrogen fueling.

A Series

Elevate your industrial processes with one of the world's most energy-efficient electrolysers, designed to meet the demands of the future.

M Series

The M Series provides fast response times and production flexibility making it ideal for hydrogen generation utilizing renewable power sources. With minimal maintenance and siting requirements, M Series electrolysers can produce up to 4,920 Nm³/h of hydrogen gas at 99.9998% purity on-demand. Featuring a scalable modular design that can be containerized, these systems offer solutions that are well-suited for a variety of industrial, fueling and renewable energy applications.

C Series

The C Series electrolysers are ideal for a variety of industrial applications. Producing up to 30 Nm³/h of hydrogen gas at 99.9998% purity, these units replace the need for hydrogen tube trailers or liquid hydrogen storage.

H Series

H Series electrolysers offer turnkey solutions for small-scale applications requiring up to 6 Nm³/h of hydrogen gas at 99.9995% purity. These units make a minimal impact to facility floor space, are easy to maintain and can be installed within hours.

S Series

Producing high purity hydrogen of 99.9995% at up to 1.05 Nm³/h, S Series electrolysers replace the need for pressurized hydrogen cylinders in a variety of industrial processes. Each unit is low maintenance, compact, quiet, and can be installed within hours virtually anywhere in a facility.

Hydrogen solutions

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As the world turns to renewables, a growing number of hydrogen based applications emerge worldwide. Our extensive experience with industrial electrolysis and hydrogen fueling represents new opportunities for proven Nel technology and products.

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