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Clean Hydrogen Monitor 2021 – Foreword by Jon André Løkke

Published: 18th October 2021

We’re proud to announce that Nel’s CEO Jon André Løkke has, as the President of Hydrogen Europe, written the foreword for Clean Hydrogen Monitor’s 2021 report.

You can read his foreword in full below.

“The past year has seen ever-increasing momentum for the hydrogen industry in Europe. From being viewed as an innovative niche technology, hydrogen has become a key pillar in the European Union’s (EU) energy and climate policy and is recognised as a key enabler in the EU’s efforts to transition to a climate-neutral society by 2050.”

“We cannot achieve climate neutrality without hydrogen. As an energy vector, hydrogen can unlock the full potential of renewables, providing a means to flexibly transfer energy across sectors, time, and place. Using hydrogen technologies, we can contribute to the decarbonisation of economies, notably within industry and transport, thus contributing to making renewables relevant in new areas not accessible in the past. Furthermore, with hydrogen, we can store excess electricity generated from renewable power, thus providing grid balancing or seasonal storage whilst making the overall energy system of the future more efficient.”

“Europe is currently leading within hydrogen technologies, and it is imperative that we maintain this leadership position and seize the current momentum. The EU has set ambitious hydrogen targets for 2030 and I am certain that with this 2nd edition of Hydrogen Europe’s Clean Hydrogen Monitor, stakeholders from across the globe have a unique reference point to inform and update themselves on the latest hydrogen related developments across the European continent.”

“Our hydrogen ambitions are within reach. Now it’s time to turn ambition into concrete action via the development of a regulatory and incentives framework that will facilitate the push for clean hydrogen to reach “fossil parity”, contribute to fighting climate change, creating numerous new future jobs and ultimately empower generations with clean energy forever.

“The time for hydrogen is now!”

- Jon André Løkke

CEO of Nel Hydrogen and President of Hydrogen Europe

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