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The Nordic 24h Hydrogen Challenge

Published: 22nd October 2021

On 28th of September Nel Hydrogen took part in the Nordic edition of The 24h Hydrogen Challenge.

Nel’s Martin Borum Pedersen led Team Nel to a very impressive second place, with 10,197 points!

Over 24 hours, participants had to drive around Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden) and test the efficiency of the fuel cell driving. Along the way, rally teams had to earn points by passing checkpoints and landmarks, as well as by completing tasks.

Nel’s Martin Borum Pedersen was pleased to represent Team Nel:

“It was the first time Nel participated in 24h H2 challenge. We started our journey in Copenhagen and chose a strategy of making as much as possible kilometers by planning a trip through Sweden.

“The chosen strategy allowed us to drive as efficiently and as far as we possibly could. In total we drove 1,522 km, and we only needed to stop to refuel three times. The longest trip on one tank was above 500 km – and we still had 40 km worth of fuel left over.”

Martin continues:

“The most fascinating part of the rally for me was to learn about the efficiency and performance of the fuel cell vehicle, and thanks to our service team all of the Nel stations worked as expected and gave us a full tank.”

Team Nel won in two sub-categories: most driven kilometers (1,522 km) and highest economy estimated as a ratio of driven kilometers to # of refuelings (380 km/refueling).

Well done to all involved!

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