Purchase order from HH2E

In January Nel agreed with HH2E for a FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) study and a letter of Intent for 120 MW electrolyser equipment. The LoI has now turned into a firm purchase order.

HH2E is a renewable energy company planning to deploy scalable hydrogen projects in Germany, such as the HH2E Lubmin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where hydrogen production will commence by 2025 and be increased substantially by 2030.

Image from Nels factory at Herøya

"These projects are important for the energy transition in Germany and Europe, and we are excited to support HH2E in their efforts to create a greener society”

“One of the prerequisites for reaching our goal of producing at least a quarter of a million tonnes per year of RED-II compliant green hydrogen in Germany by 2030 is the sufficient availability of high-quality electrolysers in Europe, such as those that Nel will supply. We are convinced on Nel's technology, customer support, and experience."

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