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At the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado, nearly 4000 dedicated researchers and engineers are working to address one of the world’s most pressing challenges: The energy. This effort involves collaborations with numerous industry partners, including Nel Hydrogen.

NREL and Nel are exploring the potential of hydrogen as a key component in a sustainable energy future. “Hydrogen is seeing a scale-up in terms of orders of magnitude of power and energy. It’s a very exciting time to work in hydrogen systems in particular,” says Daniel Leighton, Team Lead for Hydrogen Infrastructure and End Use at NREL.

This collaboration brings together Nel’s electrolysis technology and NREL’s research expertise, creating a synergy that drives innovation.

“Nel has made important contributions to NREL’s research, particularly in electrolysis stack technology,”’ says Leighton.

NREL and its partners are contributing to addressing climate challenges and facilitating the transition to a sustainable energy future.

“Yes, I believe we can combat global warming, and we are already doing so. We have an enormous number of people around the globe already working to address these challenges.” says Leighton.

NREL demonstrates how industry and research institutions can work together effectively to advance renewable technologies.

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