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Electrolysers for Green Steel Production

Nel Hydrogen is the recognized global industry leader in alkaline and PEM water electrolysers. These state-of-the-art units offer turnkey solutions for the growing need for reliable, cost-effective manufacturing hydrogen supply. While they are used to supply hydrogen on-demand in a number of high quality special steel production processes – such as using green hydrogen instead of coking coal to make fossil-free steel – they are most commonly used to supply hydrogen for annealing furnaces (heat treatment) that require protective atmosphere to avoid oxidation. Our electrolyser product range provides customers with the largest selection of hydrogen generators in virtually any capacity.

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Large H₂ plants

50-5,000 Nm³/h

Containerized H₂ plants

246-292 Nm³/h

Compact H₂ plants

0.27-30 Nm³/h

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