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The cornerstone of our brand identity is our logo. It’s the main component of our brand, tying every other touchpoint together. The simplicity of a single word denotes quality and efficiency, while the combination of a humanistic and technological look conveys both our mission and our state-of-the-art technology.
Nel logo

What about the purple dot?

Hydrogen holds the first place in the periodic system and is the most abundant element in the universe. By the dot, our logo is inspired by its simplicity.

Using the logo

Regardless of use, the logo requires a minimum amount of space when positioned with design elements. This space – or margin – is equal to the width of the letter ‘n’.

This margin must be maintained between the logo and the edge of the page, package, or colour field. In general, typography, design elements, or other logos should not be positioned within the clear space.

Logo placement

As a general rule, our logo should be placed in the top, left corner, with a generous amount of surrounding air. (Don’t crowd it!)

Exceptions can be made when placing the logo to the top left would cause crowding. In such cases, the logo should be either in the top right or bottom left, maintaining the top OR left placement:

Colour variations

Our full-colour logo comes in two varieties: with black text (preferred option) for use on light backgrounds, and with white text for use on dark backgrounds. It is also permissible to use a monochrome logo with the text and dot in either white or black (depending on the background) in specific circumstances. The preference is always to use the full colour logo when possible.

Monochrome versions

The monochrome versions of our logo should only be used when limitations in available printing methods don’t allow for a full colour logo.