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  2. Use the below reference table to determine where a specific substance may be encountered.

Reference table

Substance NameNel Internal Substance Part NumberNel Internal Substance SDS File NumberSystems or assemblies in which the substance is used
Krytox PFPE lubricant03-0300-0003PD-0800-0002S Series, H Series, C Series
Container-DRI II17-0600-0001PD-0800-0003H Series, C Series, Cabinets
Resintech MBD-10, mixed bed03-0500-0003PD-0800-0006S, C, and H Series Generators
DI filter assy, quick disconnect, G Series54-0500-0248PD-0800-0006G Series
Desiccant, molecular sieve, Type Z, GR4A02-3004-0001PD-0800-0007S Series, G Series
Purified cartridge, CRS AFS Purifier 152-3001-0005PD-0800-0008G Series
Catalyst, zero air58-1500-0015PD-0800-0009Zero Air Generators (NOT USER SERVICED)
Catalyst, zero air58-1500-0016PD-0800-0009Zero Air Generators (NOT USER SERVICED)
Catalyst, zero air58-1500-0017PD-0800-0009Zero Air Generators (NOT USER SERVICED)
Catalyst, zero air58-1500-0018PD-0800-0009Zero Air Generators (NOT USER SERVICED)
Purified cartridge, CRS ZPURE HC XL52-3001-0014PD-0800-0010G Series
Desiccant, Dryocel 84802-2800-0002PD-0800-0012H Series, C Series
Hydrogen CAL gas02-3400-0002PD-0800-0346H Series
Hydrogen CAL gas19-0100-0003PD-0800-0346S Series, C Series
Hydrogen CAL gasN/APD-0800-0013Generated by all products
Oxygen gasN/APD-0800-0014Generated by all products

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