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Nel ASA: Awarded funding for expansion of the Danish hydrogen refueling station network

(Oslo, 6 July 2018) Nel ASA (OSE: NEL), has been granted just over NOK 7.5 million in funding through “Brintpuljen” for establishment of hydrogen refueling stations in Sønderborg and Herning.

“Denmark holds a unique position with regards to hydrogen infrastructure. Through the funding of “Brintpuljen” this position will be strengthened even further. The new station in Sønderborg will help tie the knot between the German and Danish network, whereas the station in Herning will be a showcase station, located right next to the new Nel H2Station® factory, scheduled to open formally in September. The station will be adapted enable testing of future H2Station® technologies, and in addition to fueling cars it can potentially also fuel heavy duty vehicles like trucks, buses and vans,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, Senior Vice President of Nel Hydrogen Solutions.

The station in Sønderborg will service an initial fleet of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) owned by Sønderborg Forsyning, and the station in Herning will service a fleet of vehicles for Herning Kommune as well as other vehicles operated locally. In addition to the infrastructure funding, there is also funding available for FCEVs, among those a taxi fleet. After completion of the stations, Denmark will have 12 fueling stations in operation.

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