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Nel ASA: Awarded NOK 20 million grant for deployment of two fueling stations in Akershus

(Oslo, December 18, 2017) Uno-X Hydrogen AS, a Nel ASA (Nel) joint venture, has today been awarded a grant of NOK 20 million from the Norwegian public enterprise Enova SF, for expanding the Norwegian hydrogen network with two hydrogen fueling stations in Akershus.

“Nel is proud to announce that Uno-X Hydrogen has been awarded NOK 20 million from Enova for establishing two additional hydrogen fueling stations in Akershus, Norway. This will ensure a solid, initial network of fueling stations in Akershus county. Furthermore, it marks an important next step in establishing a network of hydrogen fueling stations that will enable wide-spread use of hydrogen vehicles in and between the major cities in Norway by 2020. The support is also another positive signal from the government recognising hydrogen as an important zero-emission fuel for the Norwegian transport sector,” says Jon André Løkke, CEO of Nel.

“Uno-X Hydrogen is grateful for Enova’s support, and hope hydrogen infrastructure will be high on Enova’s agenda in the years to come. Uno-X Hydrogen is a strong believer in hydrogen and fuel cell electric vehicles as the most user-friendly zero-emission solution in Norway. Our goal is to provide the necessary infrastructure – securing our customers several zero emission-alternatives to choose from, and to meet the demand for hydrogen fuel in a convenient way at the lowest possible cost for the consumer”, says Roger Hertzenberg, CEO of Uno-X Hydrogen.

Enova SF is a Norwegian public enterprise responsible for the promotion of environmentally friendly production and consumption of energy. In 2017, Enova issued a support program to support establishment of hydrogen infrastructure, as well as support for fleet users to purchase hydrogen vehicles and stations.

“The market for hydrogen fueling solutions is in an exciting growth phase globally, and it’s great to see that the Norwegian government through Enova is recognizing this. Akershus has been the leading region in Norway on hydrogen mobility, and we are happy to support its continued development by establishing two additional hydrogen stations in the region,” says Løkke.

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