Nel ASA: Receives purchase order for two additional fueling stations in Norway

(Oslo, 28 December 2018) Nel Hydrogen Solutions, a division of Nel ASA (OSE: NEL), has been awarded a contract by Uno-X Hydrogen AS (Uno-X Hydrogen) to deliver two additional H2Station® hydrogen fueling stations in Norway.

“Nel is proud to announce that we have been awarded a contract from Uno-X Hydrogen to deliver two additional hydrogen fueling stations in Norway. The stations which will be deployed in Hell and Sandemoen in the Trondheim-region by end of 2019, will make hydrogen available in yet another important region in Norway,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, SVP of Nel.

The purchase order has a value of EUR 2 million and the fueling stations will be delivered during 2019.

Uno-X Hydrogen is a joint venture between Uno-X, Praxair and Nel, aiming at building a network of hydrogen fueling stations covering the major cities in Norway by 2020.

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