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Nel ASA: Rejects PDC compressor claim

(Oslo, 2 December 2017) Nel ASA’s Danish subsidiary company, Nel Hydrogen A/S (Nel) has received a writ of summons from one of its American suppliers, PDC Machines, Inc. (PDC) regarding alleged misappropriations of compressor trade secrets. After a thorough investigation of PDC’s claims, with the assistance of external experts, Nel Hydrogen A/S strongly rejects the allegations.

PDC claims that Nel has misappropriated PDC’s trade secrets by filing the international patent application no. WO2016/184468, titled “Diaphragm Compressor with an Oblong Shaped Chamber” on 12 May 2016 and otherwise has utilized PDC’s trade secrets in Nel’s development of a diaphragm compressor.

“A compressor is a component in a hydrogen refueling station, including Nel’s H2Stations. Since compressors generally available on the market are not developed specifically for use in hydrogen refueling stations, Nel has carried out substantial development efforts for more than five years with the aid of public funding. The purpose has been to develop a diaphragm compressor which is especially designed for use in hydrogen fueling applications, with increased performance and durability, which will be fully integrated into and adapted for the H2Stations. After a thorough investigation of PDC’s claims, with the assistance of external experts, we see the allegations from PDC as unfounded and strongly reject the allegations,” says Jørn Rosenlund, Senior Vice President, Nel Hydrogen Fueling.

Nel will not record any provisions related to this claim. The writ of summons was filed with the United States District Court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

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