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NEL is increasing its share in Hyme AS, a provider of design and technical solutions for hydrogen refueling stations

Through a 100% owned subsidiary, NEL ASA ("NEL") has acquired 43.2% of the shares in Hyme AS, a company providing design and technical solutions for hydrogen refueling stations. Following the transaction NEL has increased its ownership from 56.8% to 100 % in Hyme AS. Together with the acquisition of H2Logic AS the increase in ownership in Hyme AS is part of NEL's strategy to grow within the hydrogen refueling market. NEL has now positioned itself as a world leading supplier of Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) and takes a key role in the development of the supply infrastructure for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs)

About NEL

NEL ASA is the first dedicated hydrogen company on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company has its roots from the hydrogen activities of Norsk Hydro, dating back to 1927. NEL ASA’s main products are hydrogen production plants for industry and energy applications supplied by NEL Hydrogen AS, and hydrogen refueling stations supplied by H2 Logic A/S, both of which are 100% subsidiaries of NEL ASA. The company also holds a number of patents related to tests for early detection and diagnosis of diseases.

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Lars Christian Stugaard

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