Is On-Site Electrolysis Hydrogen Generation a Fit for Your Hydrogen Requirement?

Hydrogen is one of the highest volume industrial chemicals used globally, serving a wide range of applications that exploit its unique physical and chemical properties.

Some of the applications are:

•  As a protective carrier gas in crystal growth, CVD coatings, semiconductor fabrication, and welding
•  As a chemical feedstock to modify the properties of specialty chemicals and petrochemicals, and as a reducing agent to stabilize oils
•  As a high heat, clean fuel gas in applications that involve thermal spray coatings, and glass melting and fabrication.
•  As a reducing atmosphere in thermal treatment that involves metals such as sintering, heat treating, brazing, float glass manufacturing, etc.
•  In nitrogen/hydrogen blends as a lower cost, high performance, environmentally advantageous substitute to helium for leak checking.
•  As a fill gas for hydrogen cooled electric generators; pure, low density hydrogen safely enhances the efficiency of electricity production.