Letter to President Von der Leyen – Make Made in Europe a reality

20 major electrolyser manufacturers, including Nel Hydrogen, Siemens Energy and Thyssenkrupp Nucera, are working together to support Europe's hydrogen industry and curtail the influx of cheap Chinese imports.

A key message in the letter is that Chinese subsidies for state-owned hydrogen companies create a skewed playing field that puts European manufacturers at a significant disadvantage. This is happening as the EU is getting tougher on trade with China.

European manufacturers want important parts of the electrolyser production process (cell assembly, cell stacking and surface treatment) to be made in Europe for the next round of funding from the EU’s hydrogen bank later this year. The results of the EU hydrogen bank pilot auction reveal that less than half of the awarded projects plan to rely on European technology.

Nel Hydrogen and the other electrolyser manufacturers hope that their efforts will lead to new rules that support the development of European renewable hydrogen value chain and help European electrolyser manufacturers compete against Chinese imports.