Understanding Hydrogen Energy Storage

In this interview, Steve Szymanski, Director of Business Development at Nel Hydrogen, talks to AZoM about Hydrogen Energy Storage (HES) and the applications it can be used for:

•  What is hydrogen energy storage (HES)?
•  How is hydrogen stored?
•  Are there different ways to store hydrogen?
•  Is storing hydrogen safe?
•  What are the benefits of hydrogen energy storage?
•  How can hydrogen storage help tackle the imbalance of the grid system?
•  Is hydrogen energy storage just for renewable energy sources?
•  How is stored hydrogen converted into electricity?
•  Are there any other uses for stored hydrogen?
•  What are the differences between hydrogen storage and battery storage?
•  What are the hydrogen energy storage systems currently being used?
•  What does the future of hydrogen energy storage look like?
•  Where can people find more information about hydrogen energy storage?