Using Hydrogen to Increase Your Renewable Assets

Suppliers of green electricity have a unique problem– they have little to no control over the natural forces that drive power creation, and therefore their business. Variations in the weather can mean that on days of peak demand when electricity need is highest, there is no wind to turn turbines, or the sun is blocked out by clouds so photovoltaic panels are not generating electricity.

These variations can sometimes be enough to stop investment in green energy farms. However, there is an alternate scenario which also occurs on a regular basis. In times of low demand, when electricity need is lowest, the wind is blowing strongly and the sun is shining; electricity generation is high. Without somewhere to store this energy, it would be completely wasted.

Storage of the energy in the form of hydrogen is the solution that electricity investors are looking for. This solution allows energy farm operators to get the most out of their investment and ensure that no energy is wasted.