Expanding horizons: Two new projects in Europe

In July, Nel announced two significant contracts in Portugal and France, further demonstrating its dedication to driving the green energy transition. These partnerships, with Bondalti in Portugal and Hyd’Occ in France, mark Nel’s growing influence in the European energy sector and commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

In Portugal, Nel has joined hands with Bondalti, the largest company in the Portuguese chemical industry, for the first phase of the H2 Enable project. They have signed an EUR 11 million contract to supply 40 MW of Nel’s innovative alkaline electrolyser equipment.

“Our commitment to decarbonization is not new. We already incorporate 40% of renewable energy in our operations, and this value will be 100% by 2030. The H2 Enable project is another main milestone for reducing the carbon footprint in the Estarreja Chemical Complex,” said Bondalti’s COO, André de Albuquerque.

"We continue to experience good momentum for our electrolysers."

Nel’s CEO, Håkon Volldal, expresses his optimism for the partnership, “We continue to experience good momentum for our electrolysers, and we are happy to partner with a quality company such as Bondalti, an exciting client committed to decarbonization.”

Hyd’Occ is a renewable hydrogen production plant developed by Qair in the south of France

Renewable hydrogen for the south of France

Meanwhile, in France, Nel is excited to embark on a new partnership with Hyd’Occ, the renewable hydrogen production plant developed by Qair. The company has signed a EUR 9 million contract to supply 20 MW of alkaline electrolyser equipment for a project in Port-La-Nouvelle. The collaboration will contribute to supplying renewable hydrogen to the local industry and transportation sectors in southern France.

“We are pleased to count on Nel’s support in developing the first high-capacity hydrogen production unit in France. This collaboration takes us a step further in making concrete the hydrogen ecosystem of the future,” says Guirec Dufour, Chief Executive Officer at Qair France.

Hans Hide, Chief Project Officer at Nel, recognizes the project’s potential, “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Hyd’Occ on this pivotal project in France, where our business footprint has been relatively modest so far. The project holds great potential for Nel being in one of the Mediterranean’s future hydrogen hubs.”

Hans Hide, CPO at Nel, recognizes the project's potential

Both contracts represent firm purchase orders for alkaline stacks. Nel is excited to will assist in project installation, commissioning, and start-up in France and have has contracted Wood as EPC for the FEED study in Portugal. The stacks for both projects will be produced at the Herøya facility in Norway, the world’s first fully automated electrolyser production line.

Nel is committed to leading the global energy transition with its advanced hydrogen production technologies and looks forward to the new opportunities these partnerships offer.

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