Woodside & Nel: Rethinking Electrolyser Assembly in Herøya, Norway

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Together with Woodside, Nel has demonstrated how to stack an electrolyser off-site before moving it to the hydrogen production site. You can follow the process in this new video from Herøya in Norway.

Woodside Energy is an Australian energy company developing a renewable hydrogen production plant in Oklahoma in the United States. The electrolysers, delivered by Nel, will be pre-assembled outside the factory and then moved into the hydrogen facility.

Thanks to a new design, the base frame can bear the weight of the nearly 40-ton electrolyser during a lift.

"To demonstrate the robustness of our assembled electrolyser, we took it on a journey from Rjukan to Notodden, proving its resilience against rough roads and challenging terrains."

Significant timeline reduction

The new approach can significantly trim project installation timelines for Nel’s customers.

“Thank you to the Woodside Energy team for collaborating with us on this game-changing initiative. Together, we’re not just building equipment; we’re shaping the energy industry’s future,” says Line Aune, Senior Project Manager and Key Account for Woodside at Nel.

You can view a timelapse of the stack building below:

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