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Solar Foods, a Finnish startup, has developed a groundbreaking method for producing food using hydrogen from Nel’s electrolyser equipment. In their search for reliable and energy-efficient hydrogen production equipment, Solar Foods has selected an atmospheric alkaline electrolyser from Nel.

Their innovative production method marks a significant advancement in sustainable food technology. The approach is set to transform the way we think about food production, making it more sustainable and independent of traditional agricultural methods.

"Nel has a long history in electrolysers, and Nel's technology is robust, reliable, and long-tested."

The Role of Hydrogen

Central to Solar Foods’ process is hydrogen, which is produced by water electrolysis. This hydrogen is the energy source for microbes in a bioreactor, which converts CO2 into protein. The end product is Solein, a high-protein powder that can be used in various food products. Hydrogen plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency and sustainability of this production method.

Unlike traditional agriculture, which requires large amounts of water, land, and fertilizers, Solar Foods’ method uses minimal natural resources. This process can be carried out in controlled environments, allowing for consistent food production regardless of external climate conditions.

Images courtesy of Solar Foods

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