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Electrolysis Hydrogen Will Revolutionize Hydrogen Availability and Benefits

The rapid and revolutionary changes taking place in the US electric supply has created spectacular opportunities for water electrolysis hydrogen generation. The rapid pace of decarbonization in the US is surprising, as it is based on market economics, whereas earlier, similar trends in Europe and Asia were partially a result of carbon-constraining regulations. Renewables and other zero-carbon generation now account for the bulk of energy supplied to the grid in many US regions, and are growing as a fraction of the entire electric supply. Renewables are now the least expensive electric source in many parts of the US.

Water electrolysis is a historically important technology that has been improved markedly in recent years – improvements have included lower capital costs, higher electrical efficiency, more compact design, and safer systems. These improved water electrolysis systems, using renewables and zero-carbon electric energy, can make virtually unlimited quantities of green hydrogen – meaning hydrogen made in a zero-carbon fashion.

Green hydrogen, made economically using abundant, cost-effective renewable energy, is creating new chemical synthesis opportunities – fuels, intermediates, polymers. As hydrogen storage continues to be a challenge, the ability to flexibly create storable products from hydrogen enables more effective use of hydrogen made from renewables.

This webinar will introduce and discuss the challenges and opportunities created.

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