Green Hydrogen Saves Cash

The rapid expansion of renewable electric generation capacity, and the retirement of coal and uncompetitive nuclear power stations, is creating electricity market volatility – dramatic time-of-day and seasonal swings in electric power rates. These dramatic swings in electrical rates, and a lack of widespread commercial electrical storage capacity, is creating supply/demand mismatches that enable flexible electricity-using technologies to arbitrage value differentials.

Advanced large-scale electrolysis hydrogen generation technologies offer the capability to monetize low-cost excess renewable and conventional electricity to make hydrogen at highly attractive costs. As compared with conventional fossil-fuel based hydrogen generation approaches, or stored liquid or gaseous hydrogen, advanced large-scale electrolysis hydrogen generation technologies offer lower installed capacity cost, more flexible production rates, higher purity and generation pressure, and, potentially, far lower costs.

This webinar will describe the energy scenario, and the potential for profitable deployment of large-scale advanced electrolysis hydrogen generation to serve the chemical and food processing industries.

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