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Hydrogen Generation Enables Elimination of Stored Ammonia for Thermal Processing

Dissociated ammonia (DA) generation is a popular atmosphere for thermal processing. However, the required ammonia storage is a safety concern.

Industrial gas providers have responded to this concern with hydrogen/nitrogen blended gas “synthetic” atmospheres, but problems interfered. Ammonia for dissociation was less expensive, and the gas company alternatives did not solve all the issues faced by the thermal processors.

On-site hydrogen generation makes it possible to replace delivered, stored hazardous ammonia with “zero-inventory” generated hydrogen and stored or generated nitrogen, eliminating the hazardous ammonia storage. While economic issues remain, a look at total costs of operation makes hydrogen/nitrogen generation a viable, and growing solution for thermal processors.

•  Safe, clean and cost effective
•  Consistent high purity and pressure
•  Scalable

This presentation will review successful transitions from DA to hydrogen generation.

View the presentation.