On-Site Hydrogen Production Improves Safety, Quality and Production in Semiconductor Manufacturing

On-site Hydrogen gas generation reduces cost of supply and improves the reliability and consistency of hydrogen quality thereby improving process control and quality of annealing, epitaxy, deposition, stabilizing and lithography processes. It also reduces the hazards associated with hydrogen gas deliveries and high pressure and/or high-volume storage. It will minimize or eliminate the need for bulk hydrogen storage which may help free up deliveries and storage of other process critical gases and chemicals thereby improving overall facility process.

•  Safe, clean and cost effective
•  Consistent high purity and pressure
•  Scalable

This presentation will review the ease of use and the benefits associated with the reliance of hydrogen supply with an on-site Hydrogen gas generator utilizing PEM Technology. Attendees will receive a Professional Development Seminar Certificate of Completion Issued by Nel Hydrogen.

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