PSM Series Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolyser Stack Module

The PSM is a proton exchange membrane (PEM) based water electrolyser module that integrates eight 1.25 MW cell stacks to generate hydrogen from deionized (DI) water and four DC electrical power inputs. The PSM includes the PEM cell stacks, associated piping, DC power connections, and related critical monitoring instrumentation. 

The PSM employs a modular approach to hydrogen production designed to offer guaranteed, repeatable performance per module to provide a cost-effective solution for hydrogen production at all scales. 

  Plug and play containerized electrolyser stack module for easy plant integration

  Site ready design eliminates the need for a building and reduces construction cost

  Pre-integrated stacks reduce installation time and risk 

  Instrumentation for critical process and safety monitoring included in package

  Assembled and pre-tested at factory to assure quality control