Unlocking the Potential of Renewables with Green Hydrogen

Over the last few years, the interest in green hydrogen has skyrocketed in direct proportion to the falling cost of renewables, particularly solar and wind. As those costs continue to fall, and hydrogen generation technology like PEM electrolysis matures and continues to come down in price, the point at which green hydrogen becomes competitive with hydrogen from fossil fuels is suddenly within reach.

But just as green hydrogen itself is the product of technology and commercial partnerships, so too will the realization of scale require a cooperation of key partners. Queue the collaboration between First Solar, Nel Hydrogen and Terabase Energy, a partnership which combines world-class manufacturing of solar modules and electrolyzers, combined with cutting-edge utility-scale plant controls and SCADA solutions. In other words, three of the key ingredients for minimizing the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH).

As more and more countries commit to net-zero carbon emission goals, and search for affordable ways to decarbonize difficult sectors, the opportunity for green hydrogen solutions grows ever larger – most notably the PV and electrolyzer hybrid plant, a solution which promises not only to realize the potential of hydrogen, but of solar as well.

Join this pv magazine Webinar to learn how two scalable technologies (solar and PEM electrolysis) can be optimally sized and controlled to minimize LCOH and realize the untold potential of what could prove to be the renewable fuel source of the 21st century.

pv magazine Webinar content:

  • The case for green hydrogen
  • Nel Hydrogen/First Solar partnership
  • Modular PEM electrolysis system overview
  • PV + PEM electrolysis hybrid system requirements
  • Power plant controller overview
  • Project case study
  • Exploration of tradeoffs between component size, utilization, and levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH)
  • PV + PEM electrolysis modeling for achieving the minimum LCOH
  • The dual opportunity of PV + PEM electrolysis hybrid systems
  • Q&A

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