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Hydrogen is widely employed in petroleum, food and pharmaceutical industries. Hydrogenation processes and other hydrogen-using chemical operations can benefit from turnkey gas sources that provide a safe, pure gas supply at desired process pressures. Nel's hydrogen generation systems are load-following and  can be relied on to produce hydrogen that meets varied flow needs. These units are expandable through a modular design with the intention of suiting a broad selection of process requirements and increasing demand over time.

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Ammonia Production
Argon Purification
Biofuel Production
Biogas/Biomethane Production
Biomethanol Production
Catalytic Atmosphere
Chemical Feedstock
Isotope Separation
Methanol Production
Purifier Regeneration
Waste to Synthetic Fuels


Space Saving


Electrolyser Technology for Green Hydrogen

Is On-Site Electrolysis Hydrogen Generation a Fit for Your Hydrogen Requirement?

Hydrogen… Why Selecting the Right Type Can Make a ‘World’ of Difference

Alkaline and Proton PEM Electrolysers

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