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Semiconductor processes require a high purity, cost-effective hydrogen supply. On-site hydrogen generators safely produce ultra high purity, pressurized hydrogen gas via Proton Exchange Membrane water electrolysis. These solutions make an abundant supply of hydrogen available to your process, yet store virtually zero hydrogen inventory. Hydrogen generated on-site provides semiconductor facilities extra flexibility and ease of compliance compared to stored flammable gases. More importantly, these generators provide hydrogen for semiconductor processes at a far lower cost than similar quality hydrogen purchased in cylinders.


Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
Extreme Ultravolite Lithography
Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD)
Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
Purifier Regeneration
Protective Atmosphere


Space Saving


Hydrogen in Advanced Semiconductors

Hydrogen Supply for Semiconductor Production

On-Site Hydrogen Production Improves Safety, Quality and Production in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Securing High-Purity Hydrogen

Electrolysers for High Purity Industrial Applications

Alkaline and Proton PEM Electrolysers

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