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As the world turns to renewables, a growing number of hydrogen-based applications are emerging worldwide. Our extensive experience with industrial electrolysis and hydrogen fueling represents new opportunities for proven Nel technology and products. If you are considering investing in a hydrogen fueling network or renewable energy storage, Nel has the engineers ready to team up to integrate turnkey solutions for your business. Nel industry experts also provide solutions for operations, maintenance, ownership, and financing.

Hydrogen fueling networks

There is a growing demand for hydrogen fueling networks, following the introduction of commercial Fuel Cell Electrical Vehicles from leading car manufacturers. Nel has the technology and experience to efficiently build several renewable hydrogen fueling networks. Furthermore, we know what it takes to operate reliable hydrogen fueling networks, and how to turn them into viable businesses. We are capable of integrating hydrogen in existing gas station networks, or establishing entirely new hydrogen fueling networks, with on-site and/or centralized hydrogen production. We can build it all – from production to distribution!

Local hydrogen production and fueling

Nel offers a complete turnkey hydrogen production and fueling solution. Starting from 100kg/day and larger, Nel provide the solution that suits your needs. H2Station® combining refueling of cars, busses and trucks, will help grow business and grant fast return on investment for station owner. Nel provides turnkey installation, offering multiple operation and maintenance services for our customers.

Renewable energy storage

Hydrogen will play a major part in the future energy society, as intermediate energy storage in renewable energy systems. Our high performance, scalable electrolyser technology stores surplus energy from solar and wind power, allowing energy suppliers stable and flexible delivery of electricity. When required, we also intregrate equipent components from other leading global suppliers, into your customised Nel solution.

Medium to large-scale renewable hydrogen projects

At your requirements, we develop complete medium to large scale power-to-gas solutions, in combination with renewable energy production. Working with Nel you can expect the lowest capex for large scale plants, drawing on nearly a century worth of pioneering electrolyser technology. Only since 2011, we have installed more than 50 MW of renewable hydrogen manufacturing production. Our biggest installation to date? A production capacity of 30 000 Nm3 of hydrogen per hour, consuming 135 MW. Enough hydrogen to fuel +100.000 fuel cell cars! Need more? Try us!

Hydrogen business development

Moving into hydrogen implies new territory and many opportunities. Investing in renewable hydrogen infrastructure requires solid solutions for operation, maintenance, ownership and financing. We realise technological advancement takes place in a wider context, in which we can give advice, facilitate and play different roles. Committed to the success of every customer, Nel has valuable experience across categories, covering most aspects of hydrogen entrepeneurship.

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