Hydrogen fueling equipment

H2Station™ is the new generation fast 70MPa fueling of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV).

Compared with its market-leading predecessor, CAR-100, fueling capacity is up three times – at one third of the space – enabling installation at even compact gas stations.

The peak rush-hour capacity of up to 100 kg in 3 hours, allows a flexible scaling of capacity as demand grows.

Storage can be dimensioned to address a fueling demand of up to 500 kg per day for cars, up to 1500 kg per day for buses, trucks, and any hydrogen supply configuration.

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The pulsing heart of our Hydrogen Refueling Stations that enables a safe, effective, and fast fueling of both 35 and 70 MPa Fuel Cell Electric vehicles. The Station Module includes Nel’s own H2-compressor design, effective cooling- and control unit which ensures a high system performance and world class safety.
Fast hydrogen trailer unloading for H2Station™
The Fueling Storage is a safe medium to high pressure storage that ensures convenient and effective fuelings. The Fueling Storage is designed to ensure the buffering capacity to meet the required capacities of the Hydrogen Refueling Station.
Compact and user-friendly hydrogen dispenser for fueling of both 35 and 70 MPa vehicles from a H2Station™.

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