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State of the art hydrogen fueling

Nel Hydrogen Fueling provides world leading hydrogen fueling equipment for automotive 70MPa and bus/truck at 35MPa. With experience since 2003, Nel has long track record of providing high quality hydrogen stations and industry leading safety and performance.

The all new fueling dispenser

With H2Station® we introduce a new dispenser designed solely for hydrogen fueling. The hose is similar to the ones at conventional gas stations. The size of only one third of a conventional dispenser, it can be placed right next to gasoline.

  • Flexible placement at site
  • Up to 50m away from H2Station®
  • No equipment underground
  • Useable from any side
  • Shares fueling lane with gasoline
  • Intuitive designed user-interface
  • Both 70 MPa and 35 MPa options

Onsite production or truck delivery

H2Station® can be connected to any hydrogen supply ranging from onsite production to truck delivery from central production plants.

Supply fully green hydrogen using a large-scale electrolyser from Nel, powered by renewable source of electricity.

Shipped in a box – packaged as you like

H2Station® is assembled at factory and shipped in a standard container. It allows for a fast start of operation with minimal impact on the daily operation of the gas station site during installation. The clean architecture is modular, allowing your initial investment in hydrogen fueling to grow along with the market development.

H2Station® can be packaged using standard or customized enclosure designs, ensuring any desired visual appearance and integration with the surroundings, on both greenfields and brownfields.

Are you next?

Nel has delivered more than thirty hydrogen fueling solutions in eight countries across Europe, which are used on a daily basis for fueling of fuel cell electric vehicles from the major international car manufacturers.


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