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PEM Water Electrolysis Fills The Hydrogen Supply Gap for New and Expanding Fabs

Silicon semiconductor fabs use large amounts of hydrogen for wafer annealing and other existing applications.  Reliable supply of ultra-pure hydrogen is critical for successful device fabrication.  The supply of hydrogen to fabs has evolved over time, from delivered gaseous, to on-site generation and liquid delivery.  This evolution continues with the introduction of ultrapure hydrogen generation using modern PEM water electrolysis.  With the construction of new and expanded fabs, and the introduction of EUV lithography dramatically ramping up semiconductor hydrogen requirements, the time for on-site ultra-pure hydrogen to serve silicon fabs has arrived.

  • Safe, clean and cost effective
  • Consistent high purity and pressure
  • Scalable

This presentation will review the ease of use and the benefits associated with the reliance of hydrogen supply with an on-site Hydrogen gas generator utilizing PEM Technology. Attendees to the live event will receive a Professional Development Seminar Certificate of Completion Issued by Nel Hydrogen.

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