Hydrogen Production

Nel’s water electrolysers will help you reduce your operating costs, eliminate the need for delivered hydrogen, streamline your operations, and increase your bottom line. By producing hydrogen on-demand, they can also eliminate the need for stored hydrogen, saving valuable floor space and increasing plant safety. When connected to a source of renewable energy, these electrolysers will produce green hydrogen, reducing your plant’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

  • Alkaline and PEM technologies
  • Safe, clean and cost effective
  • Consistent purity and pressure
  • Eliminate hydrogen delivery and storage
  • Scale to match any application

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Additive Manufacturing

Ammonia / Fertilizer



Crystal Growth

Distributed Gasses




Leak Detection

Lower Flammability Limit (LFL) Detectors




Power Generation

Refinery / Petrochemical



Thermal Processing


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Frequently asked questions

When determining which generator will suit your operation best, the important criteria to define is the following:

  •  What is my minimum total gas flow rate?
  • What is my minimum output pressure?
  •  What is the minimum level of purity required?

When purchasing a gas generator, one must consider:

  • Placement – where do I want my gas generated located?
  • Power – what power is required to run the generator?
  • Water supply – is DI water readily available or will I require a system?
  • Ventilation – what ventilation is available at my location?
  • Budget – what is my budget?
  • Purchase Cycle – when do I need the gas generator?

All electrolysis-based hydrogen generators require deionized water and electricity. Nel offers water deionizing systems for all our electrolyzer products. Power requirements range from a few hundred Watts for small electrolyzers, to > 1 MW for larger systems.

Delivered gases and cylinders are heavy, cumbersome and often troublesome. Delivered gas supply can be irregular, causing disruptions in production. Bottled gases are also subject to fluctuating prices. If you are in a remote location, bottled gas delivery can also be very costly. On-site gas generation is a safe and cost effective solution to traditional gas supply methods.

Nel hydrogen generators contain minimal hydrogen inventory, well below NFPA, and contain an amount far below safety concern in a ventilated space.

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